Ignitons can be used in biomedical applications such as longevity, improvement of cognitive functions (including memory), improvement of body energy, cosmetics, new materials, and agriculture. Ignitons show promising effects on limiting the telomere shortening process, recovering telomere length, and enhancing cognitive function of the human brain.  The use of ignitons enhances already-developed compounds, i.e., a 100-milligram dose can be reduced to 20-40 milligrams.

Definition of the A-9 molecule:

New molecule, A-9, is a containment structure of matter, otherwise called Ignitons, a new class of quasi-particles whose existence is defined as the by-product of nuclear reactions occurring in celestial bodies. A-9 is an extremely active but stable compound whose versatility allows excellent applications in many fields of science. The specific structure of A-9 also allows accurate application in the nanotechnology field.