Igniton technologies were developed in Switzerland and are currently owned by Telomeron, Inc. The process to concentrate and stabilize Ignitons is established and operated in Igniton’s Colorado facility.

Ignitons (igni – Latin for “fire”) are neutral quasi-particles, exotic in nature, generated by stars such as our Sun. Ignitons are the basis of the life force.

The size and velocity of the Igniton is similar to the tau neutrino.

Igniton size is r² = 1.5 × 10−33 cm² (n × 1 nanobarn).

A quantum interaction between ignitons and protons allows ignitons to disperse geometrically on the proton’s peripheral gray region.

Technology targets atoms of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon or oxygen.

Igniton applications can be classified as atto-technology (1018 meters).